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27 Foto Manipulasi ANEH dan MENAKJUBKAN Karya Erik Johansson (Wajib Lihat)

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Pertama tama Mari kita mengenal Siapa itu Erik Johansson
Nama: Erik Johansson
Lokasi: Gothenburg, Sweden
Peralatan: Canon EOS 5d mark II, Canon EF 24-70/2.8L USM, Canon EF 50/1.8, Canon EF 17-40/4L USM, Canon EF 70-200/4L USM, Elinchrom flashes (menggiurkan banget :D )
Contact: contact@alltelleringet.com
Situs: www.alltelleringet.com www.alltelleringet.deviantart.com
Foto2 Manipulasi karya artis satu ini memang sangat unik dan diluar imajinasi kita, udah gak sabar? yok kita liat masing2 karya menakjubkannya!

Kalo gak muncul, tunggu aja sampe loadingnya kelar ya

Spoiler for nightmare perspective:

Spoiler for work on the sea:

Spoiler for downside of the upside:

Spoiler for Zip City:

Spoiler for Arm Breaks, Vases Don't:

Spoiler for Twisted Season:

Spoiler for Tetris:

Spoiler for A Painting Too Real:

Spoiler for Strax Tillbaka:

Spoiler for no boundaries:

might be the stairway to heaven? Made in January 2008.

Spoiler for Kaffeslump:

Might be hard to see, but look again. What is the shape of the spilled coffee? Early 2008

Spoiler for Iron man:

Inspired by a German ad I saw in Berlin a couple of years ago.
My friend Olof was the model.
Spring 2008

Spoiler for Go your own road:

My friend Johannes helped me out with this image in the summer of 2008. I thought that the shot would be ruined by the sun shining straight at me, but I think it worked out pretty good in the end.

Spoiler for Swedish air house:

Summer 2008, a ordinary Swedish air house

Spoiler for Wet dreams on open waters:

I am aware that the lightning on the bed might seem a bit strange, I would have done it differently today. But what is done is done.

Made in late summer 2008

Spoiler for Reflective Cubes:

Once I got this idea I knew I had to do it.
Made in January 2009

Spoiler for roadworkers coffee break:

Spoiler for Heaven Express:

I think I got the idea in a dream. The original idea is often quite different from the end result, but in this case it was pretty close to my initial idea. I was thinking about using a more deserted landscape but I think I liked this contrast even more. Source images photographed in February 2009 and August 2008, and put together in March 2009.

Spoiler for Attractive Streetlights:

March 2009.
I have taken all the photos myself. The woman consist of 5 different photos, the man of 3 different photos.
I tried to make it look like the girl is sucked up against the light.

Tell me what you think about it, I would really appreciate some feedback for improvements! thanks

Spoiler for Perspective Squarecase:

Inspired by Penrose Square. Made in april-may 2009.

Spoiler for melting point:

A Swedish photo magazine (Fotosidan Magasin) was going to come home to me and make an interview with me. They asked me if they could come with me when I take some photos. Usually I don't plan when to take photos, I just do it when I feel like. But this time I had to come up with an idea until they came. Because of the weather I thought about this idea. To make a human melt instead of the ice cream. I made this one in march 2009.

Spoiler for fishy island:

I came up with the idea about 6 months ago in the end of 2008 but I realized it just a few weeks ago. It was a bit frustrating since I knew that I had to wait until the summer to be able to carry it out. This is one of my most well planned creations and it took some time to find the places I needed. The photo consists of photos from 6 different places. There is a slightly bigger version on my web site: http://www.alltelleringet.com

I would be happy to hear your thoughts about it.

Spoiler for vertical turn:

Made in the summer of 2009. The photo is made out of 3 different photos taken from 3 different heights.

Spoiler for deep cuts:

cut cut cut cut....

made in the late summer of 2009

New Added!!!!!!!!

Spoiler for Face VS Fist:

Spoiler for Nackdelen med att hacka fort:

Spoiler for Homo Sapiens:

Spoiler for Question Architecture:

Spoiler for När han trodde att han hade sett allt :

Spoiler for LEGO:

Spoiler for Docka:

Spoiler for Planlösning i fjärde dimensionen:

Spoiler for Apelsiner är godast hela:

Spoiler for Heaven Express:

Spoiler for Concave Convex :

Spoiler for Deep Impact:

Spoiler for Aqua Custodia:

Spoiler for Revelation Fields:

Spoiler for Recrusive:

Spoiler for Common Sense Crossing:

Spoiler for Impossible Escape:

"Bagilah Keceriaan Anda Kepada Teman dengan Menunjukkan Artikel unik ini kepada Mereka"

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